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by Food & Wine Magazine

Indian Inspired

We use a variety of Indian spices, nuts and flavors in our chocolate. Most of our flavors are inspired by Indian desserts and common flavors found in the Indian Subcontinent.

Ethical Sourcing

We ethically source high quality cacao beans from Colombia. With fair and transparent trading, we are contributing to the prosperity of the farmers and help eliminate slavery.

Sustainable Practices

Our chocolate facility operates on 100% renewable wind energy. We also compost a large amount of our waste products in an ongoing effort to minimize our carbon footprint.


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what our customers say:

Shay Pal, Chocolate Enthusiast

They have totally one of a kind bars - with cloves, cardamom, coriander, rose, pistachio, saffron .... makes the nose happy, the mouth happier and the soul HAPPIEST!

Palak Patel, Yoga Instructor

All these flavors reminds me of home. Simply amazing flavors and especially Masala Chai chocolate as it feels like my mom is hugging me. Thank you for spreading sweetness!

Victoria Cooksey, Chocolate Reviewer

Madhu's new Orange Blossom hot cocoa mix is pure aroma (and taste buds) therapy! 
In need of comfort food? Look no further than their lovely Chai bar for soothing, warming spices.